Why Did So Many Female Artists Have to Dodge Unwanted Kisses at the VMAs?

I’m shipping #Aubrih too, but I’m still creeped out.


Aug 30, 2016

On Sunday night, I definitely shrieked when Drake walked up onstage at the VMAs and then proceeded to deliver the most heartfelt speech about Rihanna. It was damn cute. And I continued shrieking when he went in for a kiss and was skillfully dodged by Rih. You know the moment I’m talking about.

Exhibit #1: Unrequited love.

Part of me wanted it to happened—because, wow, cinema—but then more photos surfaced that indicated it was a nightlong goal of Drake’s to plant one on RiRi. Okay, sure, can’t knock a guy for trying. But, like, can’t you?

Lest we forget, earlier in the night, Britney Spears returned to her rightful throne (the VMAs stage) for a performance with G-Eazy. He also leaned in for a kiss.

britney-gif.gifNo thank you.

And now I’m left just wondering why? Why can’t the stage be a safe space for female performers to ooze sex appeal without being reduced to a sexual object by a guy’s advances?

Rihanna’s discomfort in that moment was palpable and that’s totally unfair. She *owned* the VMAs stage on Sunday night and won the most prestigious award of the evening, and yet we’re mainly talking about Drake’s unrequited love. Sexual tension on stage is a entertaining device—sure—but when the female performer is not game, I’m no longer on board.