Pawn Stars, Porn Stars & Prostitutes: What a Girl will Do for Money & Fame These Days-Chumlee Photos

EDITORIAL: Where there’s criminal activity going on, you’ll find members of Porn Valley. These photos look reminiscent of Charlie Sheen. The only difference is instead a drawer full of money, Chumlee’s got shoes full of it. 

Better watch this guy and anyone else who’s closely connected to him for possible HIV, Hep C and other STDs. He’s got some of the porn industry’s biggest names right now hanging real close in his group. We all know many of these performers are really making their money being pimped out to celebrities, politicians and attorneys who are extremists when it comes to unprotected high risk sexual activities. They are constantly exposed to very serious diseases. We all watched as Charlie Sheen came forward after his years long drug fueled partying with pornstars who prostitute that landed him with HIV today.

CHUMLEE: You and Charlie…You are the Demand. Without you, there’d be no pimps. Because of you, there are many victims!

Where there’s prostitution and drugs, there’s organized crime. Add another to the list here!!

13 Photos That Show How Much Chumlee Loved to Live it Up Before His Arrest

“Pawn Stars” cast member Chumlee was recently arrested after police found lots of illegal contraband in his Las Vegas home.

While he awaits court, here are 13 photos from his Instagram, which has since been deleted, that he might be hoping the judge won’t come across.

Here we go…Money shoes?

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.36.54 AM

Image Credit: Instagram