BACKPAGE: Ad Recruits Your Daughters for Coachella ‘Event Marketers’ Then Their Smartphone App Pimps Them Out

EDITORIAL: Here is a typical pimp recruiting ad. It looks somewhat like a legit modeling job, even the rate is low to look innocent enough, right? But then again, what modeling job promises to connect affluent men with attractive females? A prostitution ‘modeling’ job does, that’s what.

PARENTS: Keep your children away from Coachella and all of these huge music festivals put on by our entertainment industry celebrities. These festivals are dangerous and riddled with drugs and sexual assaults. There’s live sex performances on stage in front of minor children. There is nothing redeeming about these concerts except the corruption of young people’s minds!

GIRLS: Most ‘modeling’ ads are fake and are run by pimps looking to turn you out into a life of sex slavery. This one is no different. It’s not glamorous. it’s slavery. It’s not handsome men, it’s dirty old men.

BACKPAGE and LAPD VICE SQUAD: is an illegal escorting site that sells teen girls and young women to rich, greedy bastards. While this ad says they need 10 event marketers, below the ad, you’ll see what this smartphone app is really selling.